Clearly, everyone lives in a unique situation. That is why all services provided can be customized according to your and your pet(s) specific needs. The rates will be determined on a case to case base.

- Serviced Areas: "Happy Pets" provides services mainly in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro Area. Traveling longer distances may require additional charges.
-Discounts: Regular visits, multiple pets and longer vacation  
  services will typically result in lower "package prices".
- Pet Taxi: In case your pet(s) needs transportation, let's say for 
  a scheduled veterinarian visit or a grooming appointment. The fee
  depends on the actual time spend with your pet, the distance      
  traveled and whether you wish a "Round trip" or a "One-Way-Trip". 
  NOTE: During those "trips" your pet is fully insured and will be  
  riding in a kennel (for safety reasons, unless you do not wish so).
-Oral Medication: Typically, veterinarian approved and
  previously administered medications will be given without any 
  further fee.
I hope that all this information will  make it easy for you to decide that we should meet and discuss your pets and your specific needs.
                       Nicole Sheyko