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"Misty" and her 7 kitens
Please take a moment and look at all these cute animals on the right. All of them were rescues from the Harnett County Animal Shelter, a High Kill Shelter that euthanizes EVERY Wednesday (that's when the shelter is closed to the public).
 ********ALL of them got adopted meanwhile!!*********
Originally I went to the shelter to adopt the 3 Lab-Mix Puppies, as I also came across a Mama Cat (later called "MISTY") who had just  given birth to 7 kittens (all grey)never fostered kittens from birth- but still I decided to take this new family home with me. Well- the kids were thrilled- but we were unable to use our Master Bath Room for 6 whole weeks-kittens everywhere! Anyways- ALL the 7 babies developed into healthy, energetic, dogfriendly and extremely lovable and personal little kittens and Mom recovered fast from her big litter in her young age. All babies and their Mom have meanwhile found wonderful homes. Most of the babies went to their new home "in pairs", 1 lives together with another cat and one is "a single child with a mom working from home"-so he is getting loved and spoiled beyond words..
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             pictures to read more about them !
Mama Misty- has found a GREAT home!! 
That's us- 7 all grey little kittens, at 5 days of age. We could not even see- our eyes were still closed! Good thing we could at least smell our mom's parfume- "baby milk scent Nr.7"!
And that'a a close-up: 5 days old. Well- I know- not that impressive! Our human mom was worried that all 7 of us would survive- but "Misty" was such a great, caring mom! We all developed into strong, healthy and playful little kittens!
We were the last 2 boys to find a home at 10 weeks of age. But we went TOGETHER!!
What better could have happened??
This is our Mama "Misty". She is slowly getting tired of us- and also of waiting for a home of her own. Please read under "Current Rescues" more about her!
Update: We heard that our mom went home with her new family-YEAH!!!
My "Babysitter" Annabeth used to be a rescue dog herself- so she teaches me everything I need to know to find a wondeful home fast. She is a good teacher, but she also is soooo much fun to play with! I will miss her once I move on!
Sadie" is a very beautiful, dark brindle colored Boxer-Mix, around 8 weeks old. She has such a sweet, loving and personal disposition- calm, yet "puppy-playful!" We found her an amazing home where she will have another dog to play with. Her sister got adopted speedy fast: only 3 days after rescue!
That's me, my even darker brindle sister in the front and "Clyde", another rescue that made it out of the shelter the same day as I did. Wow- it's so much fun to play and finally smell fresh air again, hear all those interesting sounds from nature and just be a dog!
This is what I really like: get carried around like a baby after a good play! Can you see my long legs? I think I am going to be pretty big and tall...
The family that adopted me said I weight already close to 40 pounds after a check-up a few weeks ago!
Hi- I am "Bonnie"- and together with my brother "Clyde" we are quite a pair! I am a petite little Lab-Mix, only 5 pounds, but don't underestimate me. I sometimes hear my Foster-Mom call me a "mischievous little devil"?!
That's us- "Clyde" and me, at our favorite wrestling game. Too bad he is so chubby- I don't have much of a chance at this game! But I am faster at "Tack"!! I got adopted 2 days after my brother.  I now have 1 real home and another home where we go to visit "Grandma!" I am sooo lucky!
As lucky as I and my sister "Bonnie" were (and "Sadie" and her sister)- I had a few siblings and unfortunately nobody came to rescue them. It's very heartbreaking to think about this- but my human mom says to take it as it is and consider life as a gift. I sure will try my best to life a happy life!
I'm a goofy little boy- my Foster-Mom always calls me "Rolly-Polly!?". No idea why she would say that..
I thought I was a black Lab Mix. I am a little "chubbier" than my little sister- but hey- I am a boy!  I got adopted fast, after only 3 weeks: A Dad and his son took me home. Love on first sight!