Welcome to the website of Nicole's "Happy Pets"
On the right side you can see a few pictures of me and some of our own pets. I have taken care of many different types of animals during my whole life, but my true love and passion belongs to dogs and cats. This seems ironic, because as a child I was always afraid of cats (and their claws, their "unpredictable" behavior and their "mean" eyes, as I thought), but even the biggest dog could not scare me. So I assumed I was a "typical" dog lover who simply cannot be very fond of cats... but after rescuing 5 cats and keeping 3 of them, I have to admit that I was totally wrong. Cats and Dogs are just different -that's all. Once you get to know and understand them, they are as wonderful, special, and loyal as dogs. ALL animals deserve the very best at any given time. They need attention, exercise, company, excitement and love just as we do. In the past, I frequently offered "pet and house sitting"  for friends and neighbors who needed someone to watch their beloved pet(s) while they were gone. It is a truly rewarding experience to see someone trusting you with their special friend and relying on your expertise. And it is even more rewarding seeing the pet starting to trust and welcome you in its own world. And that is when it sparked:
      Why not offering these services to other
                         people as well??  
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